Been a while

Wow so how long has it been since i last did one of these? i think a bit too long lol so what’s happened since then? well….

I’ve got a bike again yay XD had to fix the seat and handlebars as they were a major safety hazard (I almost went forwards over the bars on tuesday O_O lucky me for not doing so) also need to buy a bike lock for obvious reasons and a puncture repair kit (Call me old fashioned but i would prefer to get a old style one like the ones they sold back in the 90’s simply because those are the ones i’m used to using)

My benefits got stopped for about 3-4 weeks or so which meant i had to borrow some money from the charity that owns the house where i live just so i could pay my BT and 02 bills also had to stop the rent for a few weeks but all that was paid off once i got my money backdated (Over £600 😀 £700 including my overdraft :D) sadly as much as i wanted to spend the money on a PS4 and XBone i couldn’t 😦 gotta pay the bills and what i owed afterall

I have also gotten back into Dungeon Fighter Online a free to play MMO-style game kinda like a 2D version of World of Warcraft except you don’t have to party up since it’s rather easy to solo most if not every dungeon speaking of DFO the Female Slayer will be on the global server in a few days instead of just the korean server so i’m looking forward to making four ones since all four of her subclass are avaible (Every class has a subclass and then a awakening except for the Dark Knight and Creator classes which don’t even have a subclass) here’s a link to the main DFO page

Few things about DB Xenoverse and Resident Evil Revelation 2 (Don’t expect decent wording/spelling :P)

So after playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse on Steam for a bit i can say aside from the controls needing a bit of getting used to, the RNG being improved in regards to item and skill drops and some of the text needing to be fixed for example one of Vegeta’s Master quests imvolves you getting him a item called “I am the strongest on Earth” however they forgot to put the ” so it comes out as something like Get me i am the strongest on earth like that it looks like he’s asking the player to bring him himself :P.

Now on to Resident Evil Revelations 2 what can i say? it’s really broken right now there is a LOT of framerate/stuttering no matter the settings and quite a few crash to desktop issues and i’m not talking about just my Pc so far the only two crash to desktop problems i’ve faced are.

1. When i try to identify a weapon in Raid Mode.

2. When i try to open the inventory in the main campaign mode.

I’m looking forward to the day in about 25 years time when Capcom actually fix these issues

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 Steam Release

So recently Neptunia Rebirth 1 got a Re-release on Steam now obviously due to the fact that it’s a recent port from the PS Vita which i’m guessing it’s due to the differences between the Vita and Windows/Linux/Mac but there are issues (In my case about after about 2-3 battles the game crashes on the results screen) but they are working to fix the issues just hope it doesn’t take them too long.

For those who have never played or seen the Neptunia games before then WHY ARE YOU JUST READING THIS!!!? go watch a playthrough of the series

Breezehome upgrade mod for Skyrim video

So i recently downloaded a mod that allows more renovation options to Breezehome which to me at least was the WORST of the purchasable homes in Skyrim even when all of the renovations were bought it just looked like (pardon my language) absolute and utter crap (I try not to swear being a uncle and everything) and so i thought why not make a video of my first trip through my new and improved home also i laughed at some of the notes left behind 😀