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Few things about DB Xenoverse and Resident Evil Revelation 2 (Don’t expect decent wording/spelling :P)

So after playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse on Steam for a bit i can say aside from the controls needing a bit of getting used to, the RNG being improved in regards to item and skill drops and some of the text needing to be fixed for example one of Vegeta’s Master quests imvolves you getting him a item called “I am the strongest on Earth” however they forgot to put the ” so it comes out as something like Get me i am the strongest on earth like that it looks like he’s asking the player to bring him himself :P.

Now on to Resident Evil Revelations 2 what can i say? it’s really broken right now there is a LOT of framerate/stuttering no matter the settings and quite a few crash to desktop issues and i’m not talking about just my Pc so far the only two crash to desktop problems i’ve faced are.

1. When i try to identify a weapon in Raid Mode.

2. When i try to open the inventory in the main campaign mode.

I’m looking forward to the day in about 25 years time when Capcom actually fix these issues