A thing

So this is a thing it takes me back to when i used to own the original version


Interesting combination

So i’m playing on Skyrim PC version as it’s infinitely better gotta love some of the mods that are out there “Forgotten Magic Redone” FTW i’ve got the music setting at 0 so guess what i decide to have playing as the music the OST for the Pretty Cure DX movies because why not? 😛

Pretty Cure english dubs from Splash Star onwards

So i read a interesting rumour that being the Pretty Cure series from Splash Star onwards would also be getting english dubs or at least up to Yes! 5 now i myself heard that the eng dub of Futari Wa was actually pretty horrible.

Since i like the jap dubs of the Pretty Cure series i myself am not going to watch them but i thought other people might be interested however keep in mind that they are doing the usual name change thing 😦


So as of about 23 hrs ago from this post (GMT) i entered 2015 so far it’s been well normal i guess saw my nan had brunch out and not much really happened other than that i’m still getting used to even having a wordpress account got round to updating my pic on here though but there was something good that did happen that i was hoping for i found out the air date for the first episode of the new Pretty Cure series “Go Princess Pretty Cure” good old Feburary giving people smacked bottoms and taking names XD